Medical cosmetics

Course of training in medical cosmetics

1. The theoretical knowledge

The basic theoretical knowledge, which you have already read up on at home, is now conveyed to you in an easily understandable way with many practical examples and the most modern presentation techniques. You have the opportunity to ask questions and deepen what you have learned. The theory is directly linked to practice. Countless case studies ensure easy implementation.

2. The practical knowledge

Now it's getting exciting. You can finally lend a hand yourself. By working together, you can now experience cosmetics “up close”, in all practical details. Through the applications, you will first experience for yourself what a professional treatment feels like. Before you are let loose on our dear models, study all treatment techniques to perfection. This allows you to deepen the techniques you have learned and gain confidence in your new skills.

The 3. The practical work

The time has finally come, the models are waiting for you and we get to work with fun and enthusiasm. Countless men and women with the most varied of skin constitutions, such as dry, irritated and sensitive skin, and also people with pathological skin symptoms, such as psoriasis, look forward to a soothing and relaxing treatment from you. Our dear customers with skin problems are grateful that we remove their impurities (acne). The processes are already running smoothly for you.

Each individual student now puts what they have learned into practice and thus makes their own first experiences.

Of course, our specialist trainers, who have been experienced for decades, are at your side and will support you. Your future customers will be enthusiastic about the treatment process and the associated quality standard.

Our examination board, which is chaired by a medical specialist, assesses your specialist knowledge in written and theoretical form.
All relevant individual sequences are graded. Your practical knowledge will be evaluated by our practice teachers according to fixed grading scales.
After successfully completing our high-quality training, you will receive proof of qualification – a certificate and certificate – you are now a beautician and can also work abroad.
A small closing ceremony provides the festive framework for this day.

Thanks to the effective, intensive and practical training, you are now in a position to start directly with the cosmetic work on paying customers.

The high standard of Cosmeda® gives you the security and the necessary self-confidence. Thanks to the practical training units with our countless model members, you will gain experience that would have taken you years to gain on your own. But we will also be there to support you after you have completed your training. We will be happy to help and advise you when it comes to decision-making issues such as purchasing equipment and goods, advertising, profitability calculations and tax issues.

Medical cosmetics