natural cosmetics

Training to become a natural beautician

Countless skin diseases, allergies and intolerance to conventional care products prevent many people from visiting a beauty salon. The demand for treatments with natural products has increased enormously in recent years. More and more women are dealing with the topic of natural cosmetics and are looking for alternative ways.
Holistic beauty comes from within. In the course of health care, we teach you with this training how to recognize the first signs on your face. We can identify weakening organs such as kidneys, liver and intestines by means of a face diagnosis in the corresponding zones of the face and react preventively. Individually compiled herbal recipes can optimally support the organs in their function in the form of medicinal herbal teas, so that illnesses do not even break out.
Internal and external herbal treatments prevent skin irritation. Skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne and eczema can be relieved. Self-made ointments, pastes and creams not only offer you a wide range of possible applications - the production and application of macerations, for example, is also an extremely aesthetic craft. Your customers will be very impressed and grateful.
The profession of natural beautician embodies on the one hand a great knowledge of herbalism and on the other hand offers a highly creative field of activity. In her practical application, the natural beautician is asked to spoil her customers with fresh plant recipes. The holistic approach achieves lasting success.

Natural cosmetics is an extremely interesting field that has been in great demand for many years, but there are no clear guidelines or uniform regulations for this profession. The curriculum is different at every school. We at Cosmeda® have further developed this job profile for you and created a curriculum that not only stands out from the usual offers on the market, but also represents added value for you and your customers.

You can already look forward to exciting, comprehensive specialist knowledge. Specialist lecturers and naturopaths with many years of experience impart unique knowledge about natural cosmetics to you.

The contents of the training course are:

  • Nherbalism
  • NBeauty inside and out
  • NFacial diagnosis as prevention
  • Ntea recipes
  • NMacerations - distillates
  • Ntreatment procedures
  • NOintments, pastes, cream production

natural cosmetics