About us

About us

The secret of our success

Since 1985, the Cosmeda® cosmetics school has specialized in intensive training in the field of cosmetics and foot care. The originator Susanne Engel-Lönser developed this short-term intensive form of training with great attention to detail.

In an all-day school concept, training is provided in a very short time with a maximum of practical training in all aspects of cosmetics. The teaching concept of Cosmeda® stands out clearly from the conventional forms of training due to the practical training and offers the graduates an extraordinary career opportunity.
Over 500 model customers are available to participants for top-class training – from practice for practice. The teaching concept is absolutely manual, so that the participants can safely gain a foothold and start their own business after completing an apprenticeship in the field of cosmetics and foot care without large capital expenditure. But as an employee you are also in great demand with a Cosmeda® certificate.

The high level of awareness of Cosmeda® not only opens doors to well-known institutes, hotels, wellness and beauty farms for graduates in Europe, many graduates work for example.
also very successful in Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Australia and the USA.

Cosmeda® is known for conveying the latest trends in the field of cosmetics and foot care and has made a name for itself in prestigious leading hotels.
The holistic and wellness-oriented concepts appeal to the upscale hotel industry, among others.

Today, Cosmeda® is more than just a short-term intensive school. Our company has extensive holistic experience in the professional field of holistic cosmetics and a worldwide network. With an expanded range of services, we offer a wide range of courses and training courses for a comprehensive job profile and accompany you in your professional future with a variety of services - if you wish, we will be happy to go beyond that. Our goal is not only to give you an exceptionally good education, we also want to be happy about the success you will have after our education.

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Based on the American model, Susanne Engel-Lönser developed a unique short-term intensive concept, which she has been using since 1985 as beauticians and podiatrists at the highest quality level

In order to support her students on their way to successful self-employment, she wrote the book "Successfully self-employed in the cosmetics and wellness industry". Another book "Star seller with a heart" will be published shortly.

The founder

Susanne Engel-Lönser is the company's managing director and training manager. She is a qualified beautician and pedicurist. A special milestone on her way, during her 30 years of self-employment, is her training as a naturopath. Against all resistance and prejudice, she developed the short-term intensive concepts of foot care and cosmetics and thus helped countless women to live their dream of independence.

SPECIALIZATION: Short-term intensive training

MAIN AREAS: Holistic cosmetics, foot care & massage

PHILOSOPHY: Achieve quality in a short time with a lot of practice

MARKETING: Successfully self-employed, star salesman with a heart

TRAINING: Successful as a beautician & pedicurist

SUCCESSES: Successful students all over EUROPE and Switzerland

TEAM: Competent and experienced - in their respective fields ORIGINATOR & PIONEER OF SHORT-TERM INTENSIVE TRAINING