nail brace technique

2 days · Professional training course for nail designers

Well-groomed hands and fingernails are the calling card of today's woman. Whether as a full-time business or as a second mainstay, as a nail designer you are right on trend. Especially in combination with the profession of beautician and pedicurist, you can quickly build up a lucrative existence.

With this training you will have excellent specialist knowledge in a very short time and after two years of working as a nail designer you can take an examination at the Chamber of Crafts in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Gera. To prepare for the Chamber of Crafts exam, you can purchase the official HWK textbook from the Federal Association of German Nail Designers.

1.5 day nail brace technique course

The orthonyxia or nail brace technique is a very proven, recognized treatment method for treating ingrown toenails. With this application you can save your clients from an extremely painful extraction of the nail or partial extraction of the nail root. Quite apart from that, the nail can no longer grow back aesthetically once it has been removed by the surgeon.
In principle, the nail brace is similar to the dental brace. The braces are individually made using a plaster model. Due to the slight pulling effect of the nail brace, the nail bed is largely restored to its normal shape. The patient is symptom-free very quickly. Treatment lasts 12-14 months and has a success rate of 98%. With this measure you will gain many grateful customers and an interesting additional income.

Course content:

  • NAnatomy & Physiology of the Nail
  • NDisinfection & Hygiene
  • Nbasic work steps
  • NDealing with basic instruments
  • Nfiling techniques
  • NLight curing as a system
  • Nmodeling systems
  • NTip & template technique
  • NRefill in theory and practice
  • NFrench manicure
  • N1 or 3 phase material
  • NFalse Nail Repairs
  • NNatural nail reinforcement in theory and practice

nail brace technique