Specialist foot care training

Foot care profession

In the course of health care, the professional profile of foot care not only offers you a wide range of treatments, it is an absolute necessity as prophylaxis and offers you a safe start. As a foot care professional, you can make a major contribution to keeping your feet healthy. In addition to the thorough care of the feet, this job profile also includes preventive and regulating applications.

A very good example is the BS Nagelspangentechnik. As a self-employed podiatrist, you determine the measures and methods and practice your profession independently as far as possible.
Thanks to the unique treatment concepts and a consistent medical orientation, you will work from the start
at a very demanding level.

Learning is like rowing against the current - if you stop, you drift back.

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Although you will have very profound practical knowledge after our one-week standard training, it is necessary to build on it. Especially nowadays it is more important than ever to deliver first-class work to the customer, because today's customer has not only become more demanding and critical, the range of services has also increased.

Imagine what it would be like if you could start a completely new existence in just one year. This is exactly ours
Goal – we will make you a brilliant professional practitioner.

Through a high level of practical intensive training, we teach you all the handling and techniques you need for safe work
need at the customer.

The holistic training around the job profile gives you specialist knowledge with which you can go directly into self-employment and stand out from the general market.

Their areas of activity include the prophylaxis of

  • Ncornea
  • Ncorns
  • Nnail thickening
  • Nnail mycoses
  • Nrolling nails
  • Nwooden nails
  • NIngrown nails
  • Nskin tears

Other areas are the making and putting on of

  • Nnail clips
  • Nnail build-up
Strengthen your position with existing customers by advising and treating them professionally and gain many more grateful customers.

Specialist foot care training