Permanent make up


What exactly does permanent make-up mean?

Natural color pigments are introduced into the top layers of the skin using a special device. Since the breakdown of pigments below the epidermis takes much longer, we bring high-quality plant colors right here into the skin.

The difference to tattooing is that the color pigments are broken down again after some time due to the constant renewal of our skin. Depending on the skin type, permanent make-up lasts between three and five years. The aim of permanent make-up is to emphasize the natural beauty of a person in such a way that only an insider knows that this is permanent make-up.
We see it as our job to work out the most beautiful part of a face and to underline it again in such a way that everything combines to form a harmonious whole. The activity of pigmenting is a highly artistic work that requires a great creative talent for drawing and a penchant for perfection and precision down to the last detail. As a permanent make-up artist, you bear a great deal of responsibility.
Highly concentrated and conscientious work are the basic requirements for excellent customer satisfaction.

course content


  • Nanatomy of the skin
  • NPre-drawing techniques
  • NEyebrows; Hair drawing shading


  • Neyelid pigmentation; Eyelash thickening – eyeliner


  • Nlip pigmentation; Contouring / Shading


  • NMarketing;
  • NCustomer acquisition & retention
  • NAll blocks can be booked individually
Requirements: Completed training as a beautician or make-up artist. Safe handling of colors - a good eye for shapes.

Permanent make up