cosmetology education

The professional profile of holistic cosmetics

Few professions are as multifaceted and versatile as the profession of beautician. Over decades we have developed a training concept for you that offers you the opportunity to work in a success-oriented and holistic manner. Holistic means seeing the whole person and addressing mental and physical aspects during treatment.

Her field of activity as a beautician includes

  • NAnamnesis and skin diagnosis
  • Nskin cleansing
  • Neyebrow correction
  • Npeeling and peeling
  • Nacne treatments
  • NDye eyebrows and eyelashes
  • NFace, neck, décolleté and neck massage
  • Npartial body massages
  • NIce wave and brush massage
  • NApplying masks and packs
  • NBiological lifting
  • N Applying ampoules
  • NAroma and herbal therapy
  • NCellulite and detox treatments
  • NMake-up and make-up advice
  • NProduct advice and sales

Other areas are

  • Nmanicure
  • Nmake-up art
  • Nfull body massages
  • NColor style image advice
  • NNutrition and health advice

Although you will already have very profound practical knowledge after our standard training, it is necessary to build on it. This is the only way you have the chance to achieve in one year what professional colleagues have not even achieved after a year's internship. Since the companies often do not have the time to instruct the interns in such a way that they can solve practical tasks independently, they only learn by watching. In this case, assistance work will bring you nothing.

In the many years we have learned that it is much more effective to learn from models through additional qualifications and practical workshops – such as focus-oriented practical training. With just four practical training units, you can achieve an even higher standard of quality in your treatments in a very short time. More on this topic in the Additional Qualifications chapter.

This is the only way to be a big step ahead of your competitors. Consolidate your position with existing customers and also win even more grateful customers.

cosmetology education